Drone Services

Our team consists of highly trained and FAA certified sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) pilots.

We offer our clients a variety of drone-related service.

Aerial photography & video, 3D Mapping, Construction progress imaging and more!

Drone Services

Aerial Photography/Videography

Aerial photography and Videography using UAVs (Drones) has revolutionized and changed the way we look at what surrounds us.

Whether its structures, nature, construction projects you name it, UAVs (drones) have changed how we see the world and everyone can benefit from their proper use! 

At Aerial View Imaging LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with aerial photography and videography service that every customer deserves!


Construction Progress Imaging

Construction progress imaging offers Builders, Architects, Inspectors, and other professionals imagery to help generate visuals for designing plans, models, proposals and marketing, to keep remote teams up to date

on-site progress, conduct inspections, create reports, verify the quality of contractor work and more.

We will create a detailed scan and report of your construction project on a regular basis which will help your teams to stay on the top of the planning and progress to help plan and monitor various aspects of the construction.

Construction Progress Video

Please contact us for additional features and services we can offer for your construction project.

Aerial Roof Planning

A roof inspection is dangerous and time-consuming work. But getting up in the air to take measurements by hand or catalog damage has always been a part of doing business.

Every roof inspector, claims adjuster, and solar installer has long dreamed of being able to do their job from the safety of the ground. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Roof Report, a new aerial inspection tool that makes inspecting and measuring roofs quicker and safer using drones.

Generate a complete and accurate roof plan with everything you need to produce a roof or insurance estimate using the roof report with measurements that are 99.4% accurate.

 More accurate and more consistent than a manual survey! We will provide a complete roof scan together with a detailed roof report containing all the essential information needed to plan for new roof covering, resurfacing and more!

Please contact us for additional features and services we can offer for your roof related project.

Insurance Claims Imaging

The importance of drones and aerial imagery rose to a new level in the wake of 2018 natural catastrophes as insurers made them an integral part of their disaster recovery procedures,

particularly following the hurricanes in the Southeast.

At Aerial View Imaging LLC we are trained in capturing vital data and imagery needed

for insurance planning and claims.

Please contact us for additional features and services we can offer for your insurance-related project.

Why choose us for drone-related services?

At Aerial View Imaging LLC,

Customer's satisfaction is Our Priority!


That is why we are highly focused on four fundamental areas:


Safety – We take every possible precaution to ensure that our operations cause no harm to people or property. 

As an example, if a drone cannot be constantly observed by the pilot as FAA regulations require, we utilize one or more Visual Observers on the scene that stay in constant radio contact with the pilot to report on any issues that arise.


Legality – In addition to being licensed by the FAA for legal commercial drone operations, it would be no benefit to us or our customers if the drone is flown in an area or manner that is not permitted. Therefore we follow all laws regarding notification of nearby airports, heliports, and other restricted areas, monitor instant flight area restriction notifications, temporary flight restrictions and we obtain FAA authorizations and/or waivers if the operation's location and situation requires it. These days flight restrictions are increasing and enforcement of the laws by fines or loss of a pilot’s license is now becoming commonplace.


Liability – While we do our utmost to prevent accidents, flights without a mishap cannot be guaranteed. This is why we have a high level of the right kinds of insurance to protect us and our customers from any liability should an accident occur. 


Quality – Our product is stunning, high-quality, useful and imaginative imagery. We call on our extensive training and background in video and photographic techniques, such as lighting, contrast management and composition to provide our customers with imagery inspired by our artistic abilities and technical know-how, including post-production editing as needed.


We look forward to proving to you that working with Aerial View Imaging LLC is a safe, legal and protected engagement as we provide you with superb imagery.

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