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Benefits of UAS (small unmanned system) use today.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Ever since UASs (drones) started to pick up popularity, people were looking ahead and searching how would drones be more that just the cool flying "toys" in the sky.

As the technology evolves and drones becoming more and more advanced, safer to operate and able to offer more services to professionals an individuals alike, many business are finding use of drones more beneficial due to the fact that they can just go to any place people can't.

Either it is up high in the sky to offer birds view of the construction site, property listed for sale, event which is just too big to document from the land, search and rescue missions to help first responders and recovery teams to get better visual sense of the area, or spaces which are dangerous such as HAZMAT where the affected are would be just too dangerous and/or life threatening, drones provide unparalleled visuals that are of tremendous benefit.

There are quite a few companies that offer drone technology to the hobbyist as well as to professionals who appreciate any help that this technology can provide.

Companies such as DJI, 3DR, PARROT and YUNEEC just to name a few offer various models for all kinds of tasks. From photography/videography, thermal imaging inspections, crop management to rescue and recovery.

In our company we like to use drones from DJI. DJI is currently a world leader in Drone technology offering many UAVs from beginner oriented all the way up to high end professional targeted models such a Inspire 2 (image above on left) which features interchangeable cameras and many advanced features form which any professional Aerial Imaging service provider can really benefit and offer to the clients high quality products.

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