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There’s something “shady” about CrystalSky monitor!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

As I previously sort of reviewed the DJI's CrystalSky Ultribright monitor, I also pointed out it's superb bright screen and how it compares to my iPad mini 4.

CrystalSky's Ultrabright 2000cd/m² monitor is really bright and under the Florida's sunshine it really shows the detail beautifully.

"But would there be a solution to put a sunshade or hood on it to make it even better to see the screen?" I asked my self.

Then couple days ago I was browsing the DJI store page (bad habit for gadget geek like myself) and I stumbled upon the new CrystalSky monitor hood.

I instantly thought "that would be nice accessory for my monitor"!

Couple of days later a package at my door arrived and I was all anxious to see if the investment of my hard earned money was a good one.

Needless to say, I really like it!

The nice sleek design that "clamps" on the monitor and the additional purpose as screen protector when closed really make it a useful accessory.

While attaching the hood to the CrystalSky, for the first time I noticed the four groves on the back to the monitor to prevent the hood from slipping off.

The side flaps feature four (two on each side) metal springs that make the hood opening very simple.

The monitor hood is made of quality plastic with the exception of the springs.

CrystalSky Hood Collapsed

CrystalSky Hood Opened

Video Review

Simple Test

As you can see in the video above the difference is slight but it is there and I believe that it will be probably more significant with less bright models of CrystalSky monitors.

Weather you decide to get it as a primary sun shade and secondary screen protector or vice versa, I'm confident you won't regret getting it.

You can get yours at the DJI Store or any authorized DJI reseller.

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