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DJI TB50 Battery Station

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Every drone pilot knows that the batteries are the most important accessory that is not only important to have but it can be also expensive and depending on the factors such as how often and what projects are you flying your drone for, the amount of batteries purchased can range from 1 to 12 and sometimes even more!

The batteries such as TB50 are not cheap. In fact the are $159.00 each and for the drone such as Inspire 2 the minimum are 2 batteries in order to fly.

So the idea of protecting your investment in TB50 looks like a no brainer.

That is why DJI developed the TB50 Battery station.

The Battery station offers charging 8 TB50 batteries simultaneously and storing additional 4 TB50 on the side.

It can also charge your Cendence and CrystalSky batteries and store 2 of them on the side as well!

When charging a TB50 Intelligent Battery, the Battery Station's LCD screen displays its current firmware version, battery status, temperature and charge cycles.

To accommodate every critical need, the DJI Battery Station uses three charging modes: Normal, Quick, and Silent. In Normal mode, 8 connected TB50 Intelligent Batteries can be charged simultaneously, until all batteries are fully charged. In Quick mode, the four TB50 Intelligent Batteries with the highest battery level in the same group will be charged to 90% in just 35 minutes, making it a useful option for urgent use.

The estimated charging times for different modes are: 90 minutes (Normal mode)

35 minutes (Quick mode); 4 hrs 20 minutes (Silent mode)

In Silent mode, charging speed is lowered to provide a quieter process for evening charges or when limited noise is permitted.

A built-in cooling fan ensures every battery stays within a safe range. The Battery Station automatically cancels charging and discharging to avoid any safety hazards when overheating is detected.

Remote Controller takes about 2 hrs 24 minutes (GL6D10A) and 3 hrs (GL800A)

The Battery station also can discharge your batteries to 50% for storage, which is very important in order to lenghten the life of the batteries or 25% for transportation.

Wheels and a telescopic handle make the Battery Station convenient for travel.

If you don't have CrystalSky monitor but using a mobile device, the Battery Station has 2 5V USB ports from which you can charge it as well.

Battery station measures 19.05in x 8.91in x 8.66in (484mm x 226.5mm x 220mm).

Battery station features the comfortable telescopic handle and two wheels for easy travel.

Station can charge up to 8 TB50 batteries simultaneously and store additional 4 TB50s and two WD37 batteries.

Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 controllers can be charged using included cables.

Station also offers 2xUSB ports for charging mobile devices and micro USB for software update and to update up to 8 TB50 batteries simultaneously which is welcomed feature.

Battery station TB50 doesn't come cheap at $1199 but if you often find yourself running low on battery power, need to film all day, go on location, or all of the above, you should seriously consider this durable, travel-ready charging hub.

Battery station can be purchased at DJI Store or any authorized DJI reseller.

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